Product Owner
In Scrum, the Product Owner (typically someone from a Marketing role or a key user in internal development) is not only the manager of a product, but also the owner of the product, from vision to conception to delivery. Therefore he/she is the one responsible for the creation of the product and prioritizes the Product Backlog.

The Scrum Team looks at the prioritized Product Backlog and slices off the top priority items and commits to completing them during a sprint. These items become the Sprint Backlog.

In return for their commitment to completing the selected tasks (which, by definition, are the most important to the product owner), the product owner commits that he or she will not throw new requirements at the team during the sprint. Requirements are allowed to change (and change is encouraged) but only outside the sprint. Once the team starts on a sprint it remains maniacally focused on the goal of that sprint.

sprint burndown

Being a Product Owner means:
  • You are responsible for the successful outcome of the product delivered by the team.
  • You make business decisions around importance and priorities.
  • You deliver the vision of the product to the team.
  • You prepare the User Stories for the team to develop.
  • You should possess extensive domain knowledge.
  • You validate the work delivered and test it for quality.
  • You communicate on a continual base with all stakeholders, financiers and the team.
  • You control the financial side of the project.
  • You are responsible for the return-on-investment of the product development.

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