Professional Services
OpenWare is dedicated to building software quickly and building it right. The most successful software projects are a combination of strong management, superior technical skills and the use of well-defined development methodologies or processes. Whether training, coaching, mentoring or delivering software, OpenWare provides you with leadership in the following areas:
  • Lean Agile Transitions
    One of the main professional servioces offerend by Openware are the Lean Agile Trasition for enterprise organization of different sizes and fields of operation (IT, non-IT, marketing ...)
  • Management leadership and experience
    Our employees and consultants have extensive experience in project management software. Starting from inception phases until completion, they know how to make quality software on time and budget agreed. Also, they have experience in the principles, practices and processes to succeed in tought projects and are certainly pragmatic 'decision makers'.
  • Technical leadership and experience
    Our staff are experts in the deep technical aspects of production software, and they have been among the first to adopt the most modern principles and design patterns.
  • Best principles, practices and processes experience
    We can say with certainty that employees and consultants of OpenWare are recognized as leaders in terms of principles, practices and software process.

Our main services are the following: