OpenWare offers world-class training in Agile software development methodologies and practices. Our Immersion courses are designed to bring participants up to speed on Agile/Lean development practices quickly and efficiently in a collaborative learning environment.

Our Company offers a complete set of professional courses related to tecnology as well as methodology. Here are, nine courses proposed to provide a complete and detailed technical methodology qualification set to Project Managers system architects, analysts, developers, top managers and anyone else involved into the software development process.
These courses address both the most advanced design techniques and system modeling of Enterprise software and the current development methodologies and project management called Agile that underlie the development model adopted in modern IT companies.

Accordingly, it is therefore essential that the training process takes shape through a series of activities, starting from the analysis of potential business issues, to base a system design based on principles of iterative and incremental development. The supply phase will be based on teaching techniques designed to favor the active and experimental methodology of the participants.

The training catalogue has beeen divided into four main areas identified with different training tracks:
  • the first track is mainly technological (T courses)
  • the second one is based on methodological aspects (M courses)
  • another track is specifically devoted to object oriented and Java programming language (J courses)
  • the last one is devoted to Agile Enterprise Transformation (A courses)
Certified Scrum Professional

The technology related catalogue has the following titles.
  • Course T1 - Introduction to Object Oriented Modeling with Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Course T2 - Requirements definition and system analysis using UML and Use Cases
  • Course T3 - Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
  • Course T4 - Advanced Principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns Workshop

The list of advanced Java courses is the following.
  • Course J1 - Advanced Java Course - Spring and Hibernate frameworks
  • Course J2 - Advanced Java Course - Groovy and Grails framework

Training on Agile/Lean methodologies covers the following courses.
  • Course M1 - Agile methodologies and Scrum Master Training
  • Course M2 - Principles, disciplines and techniques of Agile Software Development
OpenWare also offers private, on-site courses to help customers address challenges specific to their organization.